Why hello there!!!!

I’m originally from Cape Town, South Africa, have lived and worked in London for several years, and a couple in Los Angeles and have had the good fortune to work with some amazing brands such as Apple, Nike, Old Mutual, Microsoft, Range Rover, Aveda, Jaguar and many others.

Originally started as an Art Director in print – then moved into the digital realm well over 18 years ago. I’m extremely passionate (obsessed really) about all things digital, print, advertising, photography and illustration.

Some of my proudest and most creative thinking and design work was working for the Apple brand with MAL\ in Los Angeles. But due to legal reasons (hey, it’s Apple!!!) I’m unable to show 99.999999999999% of it on my website. For more information though please feel free to contact me.

For further information please visit my linkedin page or email me.


Simone has tirelessly strived for excellence in the three years that we’ve worked together. Her digital design knowledge is excellent and her ability to bring her visions and others to life quickly and imaginatively are key skills in today¹s communication industry. She throws herself into each and every job, both big and small, simple and challenging.

Simone will be missed in our department and I’m more than happy to recommend

her to others. I hope to work with her again in the future.

Dick Dunford
ECD Tequila\ & Agency.com

“Plain and simple, Simone just gets it. The first time. Each time.
Sometimes it takes the client a while to catch up!”

Michele Sohn,
General manager, m-ore – (M-Web Business Solutions)

worked directly with Simone at iafrica.com, Datatec then M-Web

“Simone is a rare creative that knows how to work under pressure but still achieve great results.
She’s got great skills and works well as part of a team or as the sole creative on a project.”

Jeremy Brook, Account Director, Draftfcb

“Simone has a fantastic ability to solve design problems in the most compelling way. She considers the user experience, jumps on opportunities to make your visit more engaging and delivers a solution that is highly crafted. She has great experience in all facets of web design, she understands the technology involved and always has insight into developing trends. Simone would be a very valuable asset to any company that has an ethos of creating dazzling online solutions.”

Jason Strachan, Designer, iafrica.com